Spaced (Feat. Marilyn Carino)

from by WORDS HURT



Additional Vocals/vibes by Marilyn Carino



Yo. My age is finally catching up with me
I got a busted heel and there's something ruptured in my knee
My ankles always clicking I think I have tennis elbow
I can't see at night cause my my sight has just gone to hell so

Fuck it I'm gonna be Crotchety as I want be
Bitch about kids today while bumping rast rfc
All exercise and diet lets try to unblock my arteries
And see if life is worth living while giving up all my carbs and cheese

Yo-I put the horse before the cart my gee
Not trying to be a martyr but my father has some heart disease
And apples don't fall far from trees
They rot in the orchard this got awkward So please pardon me

My whole rap career has been a self diagnosis
A fraud playing Freud over joyed by the closeness
Sleeping on Strangers sofas seeing my homeys posters
That dick Whitman hobo code some madmen on a road trip

The journey of a lifetime I find it's been like forever Holmes
Digging through past and laughing at all the Buried bones
All I hear is muthafuckers looking for their forever homes
I'm still out in Brooklyn looking for things I've never known

It's like Alaska where the hell ya been---
I've been Forming an LLC dressing like LL bean--
believe in LL cool J more than Elohim---
It's elementary essentially it was all a dream---

---I used to read omni magazine
---Carl Sagan and Steven hawking talking laser beams
I sit alone in my four corner room
like Chris mccandles and vanish in my own nom de plume

I made piece with the broken pieces
Jesus that's a load of crap
Egregious but I need it I've conceded that I'm all but trapped
It's how the world makes sense to me no deities or entities
I posit an agnostic philosophic point of entry

Essentially it's OCD meets ODB its woe is me meets spoodioodidopolicious mixed in for the potency
I guess that's how it's sposed to be alone at sea and all adrift
I didn't choose the music I'm pursuing my own moby dick

But shit that mattered once just doesn't matter now
----And I can't even be mad about it
---Sure a little sad nostalgic
Now I'm on a Path Of knowledge add a little apple polish

A Mac book a google search ill even walk the google earth
Like Jules in pulp fiction so quotable with dope writtens
Lost my religion its to made up like them riot girls
And used to push agendas so you end up with this Dying world

Powerless to power shifts
A nifty brand of cowardice Disney LANd ivory tower shit holding on with Calloused grip
Alarm bells and karma armed with bomb shells my calm appearance armor pierced Dali Lama swami with the hard sell

Art sells but whose buying lets try a new diet supersede the true grit chewy nougat with the truth dying
last gasp a death rattle add a little hash tag a crash and grab with everything I had up in a trash bag

Still I don't care much I'm looking for the where what
Who when how why how do I compare plus
I rarified the air but now its terrified by where it dies tied up in loops and snares succumbed to fear and paralyzed

So take it with a grain of salt Maybe i should plain revolt
just take back what missing not play victim with the same results
Expecting something different it's a glimpse into my sanity
A vision of my schism lube the skids up with a can of grease

I have deep thoughts about things that aren't that deep
Like Back seat of my jeep or night of the creeps
i blasphem cause theres nothing i believe
if i've never really been here than I never have to leave

All this space i need to fill it up with something (repeated)


from Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit, released April 25, 2016
Beat by Lang
Lyrics and Raps by Alaska
Additional Vocals by Marilyn Carino



all rights reserved


WORDS HURT New York, New York

Words Hurt is the merger between rapper Alaska & producer Lang Vo. Together they're the embodiment of using spite & self deprecation to block out the rest of the assholes clamoring for your attention.
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