Chekhov's Gun (Feat. Marilyn Carino)

from by WORDS HURT



Additional Vocals/vibes by Marilyn Carino



I like to fancy myself on that Jason statham
--Or maybe Liam nesson in taken
-I have very particular set of skills
Im early on dope tv shows and rap somewhat Ill (somewhat ill)

-I guess I'm more like Brian Bosworth
or Matthew perry and his whole none yards work
Like I can fight killers laying in wait
Yeah killers By iron maiden and that's albums not that great

But I like Murder in the rouge morgue i work like I'm ru Paul
sound disgusting taste delicious bitches I'm like rhubarb
- Get at me dog straight barking from the barcolounger
trying to find some housing an apartment at fair Market value

Shit --- milks like five dollars a half gallon
-- I ran my last five k in a half hour
- And now I'm trying to better my time
I know this shit is wandering my Bedouin rhyme

That bare knuckle gyspy shit gets left out like elipsises
I ride around shining cause I'm grinding like the clipses is
Rappers we ain't the same --
In general like petreas and again how they portray us

its all repurposed take the verses match the chorus
The habeus the corpus the matrix vs morpheos
i need my morning coffee heres a little ipso facto
i have no time for you muthafucking assholes

I don't have time for this bullshit
I don't have time for this bullshit
I don't have time for this bullshit
No I don't have no I don't have

I don't have time for this bullshit
I don't have time for this bullshit
I don't have time for this bullshit
No I don't have no I don't have

Verse 2

So (so-so) you wanna know how it's hanging? (How it's hanging)
I'm rocking penguin (rocking penguin) feeling sanguine
Knocked down got up bruh that chumbawumba (chumbawumba)
You could say he's the rap Sebastian Junger

verses on that perfect storm nerd shit got my urkle on
Who is he he's diddy he won't stop the inertia don
who has the energy? Or should it be whom?
Im at the crib reading bolano and bumping that Steve Kuhn

Listening Three waves And three sheets to the wind
I'm three times dope I'm so fly that I'm pushing tin
You should Google it homey I stack arugula blow me
So on my dill I'll reference Truman capote

Sphinx helped me with that line a shout to bobby cosmos
I don't waste raps even the scraps will go in compost
Kill beats for more than meat use every part of the bison.
I Took it down with Chekhov's gun I'm Walter white with the ricin

Its an exercise in writing remember my set of skills
Remember dope tv remember rapping somewhat ill?
- so maybe I'm not Liam nessen in taken
Plus My high voltage Is bon Scott and not like Jason statham


from Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit, released April 25, 2016
Beats by Lang
Lyrics and Raps by Alaska
Additional Vocals by Marilyn Carino



all rights reserved


WORDS HURT New York, New York

Words Hurt is the merger between rapper Alaska & producer Lang Vo. Together they're the embodiment of using spite & self deprecation to block out the rest of the assholes clamoring for your attention.
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