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I'm on that john cougar mellencamp shit I'm from a small town
Wasn't much to do but get drunk until you fall down
The ceremony homey was formal I'm talking ball gown
All that pomp and circumstance but dammit we were all clowns

Doomed from the start might as well stick a fork in him
silky with soliloquys still I Aaron sorkin them
I work in cycles that's how it's always been
I Went from thin to fat to thin to fat to thin

Now my body's all weird I'm talking hair and loose skin
That's my tribe that's my quest that's my luck of Lucien
Ugggghhh I'm just so fucking over it
another old dick dies hope that that's my obit

I'm so damned curmudgeonly fatherly and husbandly
this whole shit is cheese then I'll one up it with some Brie (I'm fancy like that)
----and an ennui aperitif
I Check my ego at the door and now Im snoring through these rap beefs

Add a little dry rub imaginary fight club
Chuck palinuk a falice tucked so fuck your life cuz (sorry bruh)
-- I'm not beyond it I went through it
Survived the poison season play destroyer with my music

Amusing I'm a voyeur Let the passion fill the void
Cause the money's fucking table scraps but rapping's in your boy
And still I want a sprite commercial. Just to spite my virtue
I'm guess I'm just a hypocrite some shit I have to work through (but I won't)

---I made that leap a long time ago
Won't bore you with that story no I'll save it for the liner notes (liner notes)
--They turned the limelight to a mall
Now New York fucking sucks but I still love it in the fall

I love the colors in the foliage I know I'm sounding old as shit
But you gotta fill the middle cause life's like a cannoli kid
Holy shit I'm guess this means I'm growing it's appropriate
Cause nothing makes me sadder than friends frozen by hopeless Grifts

Still telling The same jokes and clinging to their broken myths
At one time we were close but now like Tokyo we drift
I think you get the fucking gist shit I know I've gone and changed
The problem is you didn't that's a muthafucking shame


from Fuck That Pretty Boy Shit, released April 25, 2016
Beats by Lang
Lyrics by Alaska



all rights reserved


WORDS HURT New York, New York

Words Hurt is the merger between rapper Alaska & producer Lang Vo. Together they're the embodiment of using spite & self deprecation to block out the rest of the assholes clamoring for your attention.
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